How to Overcome Network Density Challenges in Healthcare

Network density and gridlock are some of the biggest challenges to healthcare today. Applications such as remote diagnostics, multiple devices, and mission-critical applications are consuming massive amounts of bandwidth. Learn what healthcare is doing to counteract network backlogs and free up space in saturated networks for apps like remote diagnostics, advanced telemetry, and education. Join Jason Arnold, NWN Nationa Practice Lead and Mark D’Onofrio, NWN Enterprise Consultant as they discuss the importance of a capacity-planned [...]

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How Blockchain and IoT Are Powering Smart City Platforms

While most of the buzz surrounding crypto surrounds digital coins like bitcoin, the real value of crypto is in combining the technology that supports these coins - the blockchain - with other existing infrastructures and systems. One such combination that offers a number of exciting opportunities is the combination of blockchain and IoT to create Smart City Platforms. Blockchain and the Internet of Things enables local municipalities, governments and businesses to grow their local economies [...]

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Five Ways to Boost Your IoT Security

The Internet of Things has created a new challenge for companies trying to keep their network secure. As the points of entry into a network increase, so does the attack surface, giving an attacker more opportunities to probe for vulnerability. In fact, Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report revealed a 600 percent increase in IoT attacks between 2016 and 2017. So here are five ways your company can boost their IoT security and help defend [...]

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The Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

So you’ve been hearing more and more lately about DaaS — Device-as-a-Service. If you’re wondering exactly what it is and why it’s a benefit to your IT operations and your business, you’re not alone. In a nutshell, Device-as-a-Service is a turnkey, one-stop-shop way to deploy, manage, and maintain all of your devices, from logistics to security and more. It’s all about convenience, flexibility, choice, and efficiency, and it ensures you always have access to exactly [...]

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Why Fog is Better Than Cloud Cover in IoT

The Cloud can present limitations in real-time transactions, time-critical tasks, and analytics when it comes to achieving responsive, real-time IoT. For years, administrators have been concerned that too much bandwidth is required to transmit two-way communication and data generated by sensors along a network in IoT implementations. Latency, security, and privacy within a network infrastructure can be problematic if applications rely completely on the Cloud. This is where Fog Computing comes in. It brings autonomy [...]

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Avoid Failures With This 3 Step Cloud Onboarding Plan

With many organizations using cloud storage and solutions to some degree, for most organizations there is no longer a question of whether or not you should migrate to the cloud. However, many businesses have been slow to fully adopt cloud storage and seem hesitant to completely commit to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are clear to IT professionals. A 2018 survey identified the most important benefits of cloud computing as: Eliminates requirement to [...]

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Why SD-WAN is a Smarter Choice

Up to 70% of enterprise budgets can be consumed by recurring WAN charges and costs when companies deploy private MPLS circuits. MPLS circuits are very reliable but are also very expensive. They are also slower, lack flexibility, and are inadequate for bandwidth-intensive applications. SD-WAN is better than a private MPLS or backup VPN. Join Mike Louis, NWN National Practice Lead and Brian Soper, NWN Director of Solution Architects as they discuss why SD-WAN is the [...]

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Top 5 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2018

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword that C-level execs can push to the background and essentially ignore any longer. It’s critical for any business that hopes to compete at any level in the digital economy. It doesn’t take a team of experts to realize that those brands that can’t embrace disruption simply won’t make the cut. We’ve identified the top 5 trends for digital transformation in 2018 and share them with you here. Hyper-converged [...]

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Benefits of Converged Infrastructure for State & Local Government

We’ve all heard the expression "Teamwork makes the dream work." That’s as true in the office as it is on the field, and it’s especially true with your technology infrastructure. Imagine the benefits of an environment in which all of the components are designed to seamlessly work together, eliminating costly hiccups and headaches. That’s not a dream — it’s converged infrastructure. What is Converged Infrastructure? Converged infrastructure is all about teamwork. It’s a unified combination [...]

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New Year, New Website:

We’re excited to announce that our new website, is now live. The new site provides a plethora of resources and information about our expertise and solutions for Unified Communications.  The information is broken out by the primary services offered by NWNComm, which include Team Collaboration, Contact Center as a Service, Hosted Voice, Video Conferencing, VoIP Circuit Services and SmartComm monitoring applications. NWNComm is 100% powered by Cisco technologies. We have been a Cisco Gold [...]

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