Converged Infrastructure Solutions

A truly agile IT infrastructure must be tightly integrated and flexible enough to meet changing business needs on the fly. To stay ahead of the curve, you need be able to simplify and streamline your networks, servers, storage, and security. This is where a converged infrastructure and NWN can help.

NWN works with the world’s largest converged infrastructure vendors to streamline and secure your network, free up your time, and reduce your costs. We take the headaches out of infrastructure management. We will assess your current environment and prepare a strategy based on your budget, needs, and objectives. We can help you decide whether you need a complete and immediate migration or a full convergence over the next several years. You’ll learn whether you need a Private or Public Cloud, or a Hybrid on-site Public cloud solution.

Reduce your risk and expand your possibilities with strategic guidance and expert advice from NWN.


Servers and Virtualization

Are you getting the most out of your server assets? Reduce the need for new servers and accomplish more with your existing server footprint. NWN helps you simplify management and system provisioning with new server platforms. Learn why hyperconvergence and the software-defined data center are far more efficient than traditional servers.

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Virtual Desktops/Applications

Simplify and streamline your applications. Increase end-user productivity by centralizing desktop management through virtualization. NWN helps you centralize and secure data and applications with robust data and application security.

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Data Center Networking

You need to increase network agility and capacity as your business requirements change. NWN can help you secure your network traffic with the unparalleled granularity offered by software-defined networking. Learn how we can help you manage your network systems and resources from one single interface.

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Public Cloud Offerings

Do you know whether public or private cloud infrastructures are best for your business? You can now choose between fixed set cost private clouds or highly agile and flexible pay-for-use cloud platforms. NWN helps you determine which applications and services you should run on a private or public cloud.

Let us help you assess your security and business needs. We offer cloud assessments, cloud migrations, and highly secure cloud data protection solutions.

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Data Storage

Reduce overall IT costs with enterprise-grade, scalable storage solutions from NWN. The faster the storage, the faster your application so it is important to eliminate bottlenecks with storage upgrades. Expand your performance and lower your footprint with the latest in flash storage that lets solid state drives (SSDs) compete effectively against hard disk drives (HDDs) at a much lower price per raw GB of data. NWN can help you decide what types of storage best meets your needs. NWN offers multiple solutions for your SAN, converged, and hyperconverged systems. Find out which one suits you best.

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Data Protection

Data protection is essential today. Backups protect against data loss from failure or ransomware. You need to plan for reliable disaster recovery and workload mobility to meet the on-demand nature of your business. NWN helps you design and implement storage solutions that prepare you to scale operations at a moment’s notice with data security backups, archive and disaster recovery failover, and risk mitigation. We make sure you have the capacity to address changing capacity needs for today’s business assets. Contact us so we can identify your needs.

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NWN’s Next Generation network infrastructure services include end-to-end, enterprise-wide network services, and products to support your business objectives – today and in the future. Our network-designed services will secure your networks with single-pane management. We can help you automate with software-defined access and next generation LAN and SD-WAN service.

Our team helps you assess, design, and install the physical infrastructure your organization needs to support mission-critical initiatives. We help you sort through an ever-increasing array of solutions from top manufacturers like Cisco and HPE to select the best technology to meet increased demand for new media applications, interactivity, automation, and mobility. We offer core routing and switching, Next Generation LAN / SD-WAN, wireless, and management suites.

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What’s Your Technology Score? 

NWN’s network risk assessment is a holistic analysis of your entire network infrastructure. It offers unparalleled documentation across the environment to help you take action and plan for change.

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Are You Meeting Wireless Demands?

NWN’s WLAN Health Check will validate your WLAN infrastructure and look at your available bandwidth, RF Interference, and security procedures.

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Find out how secure your infrastructure is.

Securing today’s IT infrastructure and digital assets takes more than just a next-generation firewall. Risk assessments and surveys are essential to baselining the overall health of your infrastructure as the threat matrix grows. NWN helps you eliminate vulnerabilities on both sides of the firewall and nab attackers before they do damage. We help you create a strong perimeter with the visibility, analytics, and real-time response you require.

Our team will show you how to place security appliances at key access points to collect, analyze and control traffic flowing in and out of web servers, data centers, cloud apps, LAN/WAN connections, email servers, and storage arrays and switches. We help you spot the anomalies and patterns to thwart a network compromise. This reduces your risk before, during, and after an attack to better protect your assets as your infrastructure grows.

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Intelligent, connected devices and Smart technology are the wave of the future. Is your IT team totally on board with IoT? NWN can help you integrate IoT devices into a single platform to streamline your operations with automation, data analytics, and simplified management solutions. Learn how IoT can benefit you. Our team will help you assess, design, and implement IoT solutions to take your business, healthcare, education, and municipal services to the next generation. NWN Smart platform integrations offer IoT sensors, connectivity, security, management and data analytics.





The NWN Difference

NWN has the know-how and experience to pull off the toughest IT initiatives and deliver your solution on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Trust us for your networking, data storage, security, disaster recovery, software, and orchestration implementation needs. Learn how we can help you lower costs, increase agility, and security.

IT Consulting

NWN are experts in assessing and reducing client risks with technology assessments and consultation. We offer security evaluations to identify security risks as well as comprehensive cloud, network and data center assessments, and wireless health checks. Our team of technology experts specialize in program and project management, business process analysis, organizational change management, facilitation, and strategic consulting. Let our IT experts identify your issues or vulnerabilities and design a comprehensive solution to protect and streamline your enterprise.

Project Delivery

NWN is SSAE-16 certified with a dedicated team of engineers who have the expertise to deliver comprehensive support and best practices for all of your project management needs. Our project delivery is unsurpassed. No project is too big or too small. We take on day-to-day accountability to manage the solutions we engineer and implement. Let us take the burden off your internal IT staff so they can focus on core projects.

Managed Infrastructure

Organizations today require an IT provider that is agile enough to completely manage their infrastructures while meeting their compute, storage, and networking demands with a simple, yet scalable solution. NWN does all of that and more. Our cloud team offers Infrastructure as a Service, Backup/Replication as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service with proactive monitoring, custom application solutions, best of breed technology options, and best-in-class support.

24x7x365 Support

Your IT enterprise requires 24/7 attention. NWN’s NCare team is always on call and ready to troubleshoot and resolve critical system issues quickly and efficiently from our US-based Command Center. There are no after-hours disruptions and we respond faster than internal staff. NWN offers full support in special situations including disaster response/mitigation along with a full suite of Managed Care Services.