Data Driven Applications

N Sovle 4 Key focuses

NWN’s Applications and Data Services team offers end-to-end solutions in four areas:

  • Analytics and big data
  • Mobility
  • Mission critical applications
  • Systems integration

Analytics and Big Data Strategy Consulting

With storage prices falling, and sensors and automation becoming more and more prevalent, clients are seeking expertise and assistance in collecting, organizing and analyzing the vast amounts of information being collected.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

A true mobility strategy is more than just the tablets, phones, Naxos applicaiton picture for NSolve pagelaptops, devices, app stores and connectivity required. It is about
the platform that will allow seamless access, security, privacy and control regardless of location. Many legacy applications were not built for today’s scenario.

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Mission-Critical Systems & Custom Application Services

Clients want applications that work the way they work, especially when these are core to the organization’s mission.Auto manufacturing

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Systems Integration Services

Technology in the handsConnecting siloed systems drives efficiency, streamlines business
processes, reduces manual effort and errors, and increases speed
to service.

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