Delivery Models

As part of our commitment to putting customers first, NWN is happy to tailor our financial and delivery model to your specific needs. Whether you need IT solutions on-premises, hosted, purchased, pay-for-use, or a combination, we can help. We are just as adept at designing the financial, ownership, and support structure for our solutions as we are at architecting the technology itself.

We begin by working with you to develop an infrastructure roadmap. This allows you to plan how you will manage IT effectively across a continuum of services, implemented when, where and how you need them. The roadmap will call for rapid deployment where speed is essential, access to best-of-breed functionality for mission critical workloads, and tailored operating models to optimize your environment.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

It all starts with your business drivers. There are a host of options including on or off-premise, custom or off-the-shelf and you-own-it or pay-as-you-go.  We help our clients manage their infrastructures in a wide variety of ways as the table below shows.

On Premise Client Managed On Premise As A


Ownership Client Client NWN NWN NWN typically
Geography Client Client Client or NWN NWN NWN and Client
Responsibility Client NWN, NCare NWN, NCare NWN, NCare NWN, NCare

NWN’s roadmap approach simplifies the decision-making process, guiding you through a series of business questions that result in a clear picture of where you need to go. These questions are illustrated below. The green arrows indicate the implications of answering a question “yes,” and the red ones point to the “no” recommendation.

For example, one of NWN’s customers had only five months to stand up a global IT infrastructure for a carved-out, global business entity. Speed was essential, and capital was limited. There was no time to hire an IT staff and build from scratch. The CIO and his small team worked with NWN to implement a hosted solution for a monthly fee. It was up and running on schedule, on budget, and fully supported 24×7.

In contrast, a banking customer, with intense regulatory compliance parameters to meet, preferred to own and operate its own IT infrastructure. With multiple locations and limited IT staff, however, this customer found it beneficial to rely on NWN for around-the-clock monitoring and support. The bank achieved the reliability, performance, and auditability it required, but none of its employees had to be on the beeper at night.

Once you have decided upon the best model for each technology area, NWN works with you to implement it. And as the needs of your organization evolve, and technology changes, we will revisit the delivery model with you. The result? You will keep your IT environment tuned and responsive to the needs of your business.