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Watch: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the ultimate device. And it’s now available from NWN!

Every Surface goes from laptop to tablet in a snap, works anywhere that your day takes you, and connects seamlessly to your other devices. With multiple ports and the very best digital pen experience, Surface will redefine what it means to be productive in the office, studio, or café.

Surface is committed to customers

Refresh Predictability

  • Iterations of Surface and Surface Pro every 12-18 months like other OEMs
  • Always pushing for faster and lighter but no big form factor changes

Current Version Availability

  • Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 will upgrade beautifully to Windows 10
  • For customers wanting Windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 3, the i5/i128G and i5/256G SKUs will be available through March 2016

Accessories and warranty

  • Available for 2 years after Surface device is discontinued: Power supplies, Surface Pen, and keyboard covers
  • Even after we ship a new version, warranty will be honored with minimum of like-for-like return

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Students learn better with Surface and Pen

Surface was built to be the ultimate note taking tablet. Surface Pen writes naturally so you can easily take handwritten notes and, if you like, convert them into text. Instead of carrying around your heavy laptop, tangled power cord, and a pile of notebooks everywhere you go, just bring Surface to class.


Surface lets you provide more focused Healthcare

Surface gives you instant access to the information and resources you need to be more productive and provide better patient care. With Surface Pro 3, you can use a single device wherever you go. Focus more on your patients and less on your technology.


Engage clients with Surface for financial services

With Surface, you can address your customers’ needs and cement new relationships wherever you are in a way that is personally and professionally relevant. Surface is the ultimate 2-in-1 device, providing you the tools and data you need at your fingertips.