Sales Challenge 2016 – Unleash Your Passion

Download-2016-Sales-Challenge-PDFNWN helps you assess and reduce risk by utilizing technology assess and proof of values to examine your environment and identify potential technology issues. We work with our customers to arm them with the knowledge they need to create a technology plan that works for them. Our technology expertise and strong partnerships with major manufacturers allows us to bring the following technology assess to our customers:

Cisco Security Proof of Value (PoV)

Cisco’s Security Proof of Value (POV) assess program is a consultative security assess that identifies potential security risks and threats for end users. Offered through NWN, the program provides customers with a simplified solution to look at their security environment holistically without a large expense. As cybersecurity threats continue to expand, organizations must make sure their infrastructure is ready. Today, an attack will happen to your organization, its not a matter of if but when.

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Cloud Assess

NWN’s Cloud Assess drives decision making by removing the confusion and creating a place where relevant data on your environment is easily accessible. This assess can be accomplished in as little as two weeks and offers discovery of, but not limited to, all on-premise assets, network bandwidth requirements, application/server dependency, and multiple public cloud vendor instance matching based on performance. NWN’s Cloud Technology Assess provides you the actionable intelligence you need to make qualified decisions about your infrastructure environment whether it be on premise or cloud based.

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NWN Network Assess

What if there was a surefire way to plan for the future of your IT Infrastructure? What if you could save up to 30% on hardware? NWN will complete a Network Assess to thoroughly highlight areas of concern. At the completion of the assessment we invite you to join our experts in a workshop to review the results in detail and discuss solutions. NWN will install the software, monitor and collect data for a few weeks, at no cost to you. NWN then compiles findings and recommendations for customers in a personalized master  report.

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