NASA Boosts Rocket Team Collaboration and Insight


  • Software solution for program management/test reporting
  • Business intelligence reporting and decision support tool delivered via SharePoint™


  • Comprehensive program management
  • On-demand discovery and analysis
  • Interactive user experience
  • Project trending and KPI tracking
  • Enhanced project decision making




NASA Boosts Rocket Team Collaboration and Insight

  • Industry: U.S. Government –Space Exploration
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  • Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Client Snapshot: ARES is a multi-billion dollar NASA initiative, requiring management of many interrelated project schedules with more than 180,000 individual tasks and related external information in disparate databases.


Missing a milestone at NASA can equate to hundreds of millions of dollars in cost overruns. The ARES team previously had no centralized environment to manage schedules. Project managers used standalone copies of Microsoft Project and spreadsheets to track tasks and produce status reports.

Lead schedulers had complete control of information reported to management. Because ARES executives were unable to view a high-level roll-up of program-wide status, they sometimes did not discover projects were off track until it was too late to make adjustments.

External risk and facility information needed to be associated with project tasks. It typically took NASA management three to four weeks to gather this information.

ARES leaders had no scorecard, no metrics and no ability to perform on-demand, “what-if” analysis to evaluate downstream effects of proposed changes. Contractors were being asked to produce some of this information, but turnaround was taking up to six months at a cost of up to two million dollars.


NASA selected NWN to deploy an enterprise project management, information discovery and analysis solution. NWN’s approach included:

  • Identification of performance metrics and implementation of Microsoft Enterprise Project Server
  • Development of an interactive portal application for schedule collaboration, test reporting and program intelligence using Microsoft SharePoint and Silver light
  • Creation of a data management layer using Microsoft SQL Server to aggregate all project information into a single source


ARES leaders now have unprecedented visibility, transparency, and a “single source of truth” for timely information. Managers have a high-level view of the master schedule through an intuitive interface that opens in seconds.

…With the new NWN solution, the NASA ARES team can accomplish in minutes or seconds what previously took days, weeks or months.

Project trending and tracking of performance measures helps managers make more informed decisions. NASA-specific KPIs provide at-a-glance assessment. On-demand “what-if” analysis enables evaluation of the impact of proposed changes. ARES leaders can now:

  • Check on the status of any project, at any level of detail
  • View data from different sources in different combinations
  •  Create personalized data views
  • Manage budgets, project deadlines and resource utilization
  • Analyze trends and patterns to help predict performance and costs

With the new NWN solution, the ARES team can accomplish in minutes or seconds what previously took days, weeks or months to accomplish.

Government agencies, federal contractors and commercial organizations with a need to manage large, complex, multi project programs, gain enterprise visibility and administrative ease and analyze project data scattered across the organization should evaluate this solution.

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