Bioventus turns to NWN for Infrastructure Refresh
They Needed to Launch New Voice, Video and Infrastructure Fast!

Solution: They chose NWN to help them with NWNComm Hosted Voice and Video and provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).


  • Ability to implement and manage a sprawling network very quickly
  • Exemplified the Bioventus reputation for innovation
  • Established an IT practice with a budget of <2.5% of sales, a level most organizations would find crippling

Bioventus turns to NWN for Infrastructure Refresh

  • Industry: Healthcare
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  • Location: Durham, NC

Client Snapshot: Bioventus was a spin-off that needed to separate from its parent company. The IT group had 5 months to stand up voice, video, and infrastructure for the new global firm. They had limited budget and only 2 people to make it all work.

Business Challenge

In 2012, Bioventus did not exist. The Biologics division of Smith & Nephew (S&N), the global medical technology business decided to carve it out and stand it up as an independent business.

The spinoff had to separate from S&N in every way, including every aspect of IT infrastructure.  Corporate leadership wanted three things: speed, effectiveness, and affordability. The organization had to become self-reliant quickly from an IT perspective to meet the new entity’s seemingly impossible deadline—five months hence.

As a new enterprise, it had to conserve its capital. Nonetheless, it needed an effective and up-to-date IT environment that would support global business and aggressive growth.


The Bioventus IT team reminds us that clear vision helps when the tasks are challenging, the money and time are short, and the stakes are high. They also found that it helps to have a brilliant strategy when business drivers are changing so fast that the planning horizon is measure in weeks, not months. They experienced both of these lessons in the Bioventus IT launch.

Clear vision at the beginning enabled IT to frame their innovative multi-cloud strategy. They chose NWN’s hosted voice system, NWNComm, to provide unified communications as a service. In addition, they worked with NWN to put in place an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for their server, storage, and networking needs.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model offered by NWN, in and of itself, helped speed decision- making. Rather than having to walk justification documents through a resource-constrained capital review committee, the IT team was able to frame decisions clearly and simply: we can solve this problem by adding $X to the monthly cloud bill.

The Bioventus IT team discovered there was a misconception about what it took to make the multi-cloud strategy successful. Moving to hosted solutions, they emphasize, does not make them inherently less complex. The complexity of transitioning to, and using IT tools remained. What did get simpler was establishing and managing the infrastructure on which those tools run.

As a corollary, Bioventus’s very lean IT team was central to every IT decision and strategy. They recommend that companies choosing a rapidly deployed cloud strategy take note of the managerial resources required to orchestrate a complex environment.

Business Results

Today, Bioventus offers innovative, safe orthopedic therapies that are both effective and less invasive. It operates globally and generates about $240 million dollars in yearly revenue.

First of all, Bioventus gained the ability to implement and manage a sprawling network very quickly. The company operates all over the world. Trying to hire a competent IT staff quickly, then asking the new team to stand up an entire IT infrastructure in six or seven months would never have worked. The company’s multi-cloud approach did work. Bioventus leveraged NWN’s relationships with Cisco, VMWare, and Windstream. That gave Bioventus ready access to proven products they could begin deploying immediately. Avoiding the entire procurement cycle and moving directly to deployment gave them the speed to market they were seeking.

Secondly, by using a novel approach, the Bioventus IT team did its part to exemplify the new company’s brand and strengthen its reputation for innovation. Bioventus provides innovative medical devices and therapies to its customers—a marketplace that highly values innovation. Because the IT approach was both unique and exceptionally effective, the IT leadership found high receptivity and support among the Bioventus Board.

Third, the Bioventus IT team was committed to offering world class IT solutions and services for only 2 or 2 ½ percent of sales—a budgetary level that some would have considered disabling. By framing a big multi-cloud vision and choosing exceptional vendors, the IT team was able to achieve the quality of service and support they sought for the budget they promised the Board.

Finally, the Bioventus IT team was able to create demonstrable, business-level agility. In any new organization, business directions need to be tweaked as the enterprise comes face to face with the marketplace. The IT leadership realized it had to position the IT services to adapt as quickly as the business did, or risk being a strategic impediment. With the multi-cloud strategy, Bioventus found it could change priorities, redeploy servers, and spin up new capabilities inside the turning circle of the business leaders.

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