On-Premise Solutions

NWN designs and implements a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions for your premises. These include data center and networking, collaboration and unified communications, end user computing, and security. We also provide custom applications that run in your data center.

Hyper converged-eBookIT executives must decide which technology solutions to deploy and manage on premise and which should be handled in other ways. We recommend considering your answers to the following five questions for each workload and component of your infrastructure:

  1. Do you need eyes-on security?
  2. For mission-critical workloads, is on-premise the only option that can provide high-performance, tailored and dedicated solutions you need?
  3. Do you already own the data center capacity?
  4. Do you have ample capital?
  5. Do you have ample trained staff to manage the technologies to the service levels your users expect?
  6. Do you have challenging compliance regulations that make on-boarding a new vendor difficult?

A “yes” to either question 1 or 2 means you require an on-premise solution.  A “yes” to question 3 means an on-premise solution will be cost advantaged for you. A “yes” to questions 4 through 6 indicate that you may well prefer an on-premise solution.