National Contracts

At NWN, we are unwavering in our commitment to our customers’ success.  We work hard every day to apply our vast technical expertise to simplify the complexity of technology, delivering real-time, real-world solutions to optimize performance and ensure secure, reliable IT operations so our customers can focus on that they know best:  Your Business.  Our National Contracts are competitively bid and easy to use!

Please see NWN National Contracts Summary for additional information.

NWN’s Global Price List/Catalog



Our PEPPM contracts are National Technology Contracts that provide a full range of technology solutions to meet the needs of Higher Educations, City and County Entities, and K-12 technology objectives.  Each of our contracts can be leveraged throughout the U.S.

Services we are able to offer:

  • Infrastructure Assessments for Cloud Capabilities and Migrations
  • Cloud Migration Consulting and Design Services
  • Cloud Migration, Implementation, Integration Services
  • Cloud Management and Monitoring Services including our Bronze, Gold and Platinum Analytics Services
  • NWN Professional and Management Services for Customer On Premise and Hybrid needs
  • NWN Solutions range from End User to Data Center and out to the Network – including Telecomm and Contact Center

Our contracts include:  NWN Cloud, Hosted and Professional Services, Full Catalog of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Full Catalog Cisco Solutions.

Contract #
Full AWS Catalog (CSIU # 528897-014 Expires 12/31/2021)
Full AWS Catalog (KCSOS #528899-008 Expires 12/31/2021)
Full Cisco Catalog (KCSOS #52899-036 Expires 12/31/2021
NWN Cloud (CSIU #528897-182 Expires 12/31/2021)
NWN Cloud (KCSOS #528899-112 Expires 12/31/2021)


Please see PEPPM’s NWN Contract Page for more information and for contract information Contract Summary Information

For NWN’s PEPPM Catalogs, please go to:

  1. NWN’s NStore eCommerce Site and Catalog


Choice Partners

#18/056KD-44 (Expires September 18, 2019) – National Technology Solution Contract that includes Cloud Services, Software/Hardware, and Consulting/Professional Services that allow our customers to procure full solutions under one easy contract.  NWN’s Choice Partners National Cooperative contract includes: Technology Products (End-User & Data Center), Telecom/Collaboration Solutions, Cloud Services, Managed Services, Software, Consulting and Professional Services for today’s demands.

Please see Choice Partners for more information and for contract information Contract Summary Information



#170306-Technology (Expires May 22, 2020); #170904-MPS (Expires November 19, 2020); and #180304-Telephone Communications Data Systems and Solutions (Expires May 28, 2021) – National Technology Solution and Managed Print Services (MPS) Contracts that includes Cloud Services, Software/Hardware, and Consulting/Professional Services that allow our customers to procure full solutions.  NWN’s TIPS Purchasing CoOp solutions include: Cloud Services, Implementation Services, Managed IT Services, Applications and Data Services, and IT Assessment & Network Security Audit Services, as well as Staffing Services.

Please see TIPS Technology and MPS Contracts for more information and for contract. For additional contract information please see Contract Summary Information  NWN’s NStore eCommerce Site and Catalog.