State and Local Government

NWN has been serving customers in state and local government for decades. Our teams have worked with public servants on solutions ranging from end-user computing modernization and consolidated data centers to hosted communications and 3-1-1 call centers. We recognize the unique challenges and pressures that face government staff and have a track record of successful initiatives in this environment.

What sets NWN apart? We understand the policy environment our customers face. In addition, we know how the contracting and procurement processes work and are fully capable of working within them. NWN is on state contracts in every state in which we do business. We have delivered and currently support solutions in city and county government across the nation. Below are just a few examples:

  • City of Charlotte’s 3-1-1 Call Center: Implemented hosted IP telephony to support the city during the Democratic National Convention
  • State of California’s Federated Data Center: We implemented a private cloud environment for 130 California departments
  • Fort Bend County, Texas: Modernized the end-user computing environment
  • City of Raleigh Convention Center: We outfitted it with a new data, Internet, and voice network
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Implemented email throughout the state government

NWN’s Smart Government team has extensive experience developing custom applications for state government. We are uniquely capable of delivering complex projects on time and on budget. For example, the State of South Carolina trusted us to implement a new voter registration system in preparation for the most recent national election. It went off without a hitch.

We have developed and implemented systems for over four dozen state agencies that range from South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, to Insurance, from Revenue to Employment, from Parks and Recreation to Disabilities and Special Needs, from Higher Education to Law Enforcement, from the Department of Motor Vehicles to Retirement. Two example of our recent work are:

  • Business One Stop: We offer an award-winning one-stop portal for business registration. We have linked the processes of multiple state agencies to provide a complete, seamless experience for business owners to arrange all the permits, fees, and registrations they require. The result? Speed to revenue for both the owner and the state.
  • Voter Registration: We offer the most advanced and effective voter registration and election management solution available today. It helps state and local jurisdictions register voters, manage elections, tabulate and certify results, and communicate those results to the public. NWN’s Smart Government team tailors the system to meet our client’s precise specifications.