K-12 Education

NWN serves hundreds of K-12 school systems across the country. We’ve helped large districts implement high-impact one-to-one programs. We’ve worked with others to design and implement network and data center infrastructures they required. Many of our K-12 customers have been collaborating with us for years on everything from storage solutions to hosted voice. And these are just a few examples.

Why do school system IT leaders turn to NWN? We understand the context, planning cycles, and unique pressures our K-12 education customers face. NWN’s regional teams stay abreast of federal, state and local policies that influence IT—from common core, to the trend toward one-to-one programs. We are tuned in to the nuances of eRate funding because our hosted voice and video solution is P1 eligible. And we are fully aware of the deployment windows and support levels required to meet students’ learning needs across multiple campuses.