Higher Education

Because of our extensive experience working with colleges, universities, community college systems, and specialty educators across the country, NWN is a partner of choice for customers in higher education. We understand the nuances of academic culture and cadence, as well as the unique demands of technology-savvy faculty and students. NWN closely watches the technology-related trends higher education, from integration of online and social media activities with traditional models to growing emphasis on original analysis. We also see the relentless pressure for cost control.

In this challenging context, NWN has worked with colleges and universities such as North Carolina State, East Carolina University, Duke, Clemson, Clark, Campbell, Elon, Furman, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Rice, Texas Southern, Tulane, USC, San Francisco State, Louisiana State, High Point, and Lone Star College among so many others. Our expert engineers provide IT solutions that are designed to meet your performance standards and are implemented smoothly across your campuses.