California Contracts

In our work with California state and local government agencies, we operate under a number of contractual agreements that enable state agencies to achieve purchasing convenience, service reliability and significant cost savings. With strong partners such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Samsung, McAfee, Microsoft, Synnex and ImmixGroup (EC America), to name a few, NWN has the ability to provide you flexible, national contract solutions that are easy to use.

Below you will find a complete listing of contracts that include links to the Department of General Services (DGS) website as well as copies of each contract. Here is a quick link to the “Departments with Approved Purchasing Authority” DGS website: Delegated Purchasing Authorization Listing

For your Telecommunication needs, see NWN’s CALNET3 website


NWN Contact

Link to Department of General Services User Instructions and Information: Statewide Computer Equipment Contracts

Contract #VendorDescriptionExpiresLinks
1-15-70-03CHP EnterprisePC Servers06/10/2018
1-17-70-01BHP Inc.Desktop Computers (HP)06/30/2020
1-17-70-02BHP Inc.Laptop Computers (HP)06/30/2020
1-17-70-05BHP Inc.Desktop Monitors (HP)06/30/2020
1-17-70-11AGetac Inc.Rugged & Semi-Rugged Laptop Computers (Getac)06/30/2020
1-13-70-14BEMC SolutionsStorage Area Network Fabric07/18/2018
1-16-70-04AHP Inc.Desktop Printers, Office Printers and Multi-Functional Devices08/31/2019
1-16-70-08CHP Inc.Tablets, Hewlett-Packard09/18/2018
1-16-70-08DGetac Inc.Tablets, Getac Inc. (Rugged)09/18/2018

Link to Department of General Services User Instructions and Information: Cooperative Agreement NASPO ValuePoint

Contract #VendorDescription & VendorsExpiresLinks
7-14-70-04 AR-233 (14-19)Cisco SystemsData Communications (Networking)05/31/2019
7-14-70-14 AR620 (14-19)EMC SolutionsData Communications (Networking)05/31/2019
7-14-70-15 AR-615F5Data Communications (Networking)05/31/2019
7-14-70-06 AR-233 (14-19)HP EnterpriseData Communications (Networking)05/31/2019
MNWNC-109 7-15-70-34-004EMC SolutionsComputer Equipment (Storage Related Peripherals)03/31/2020
7-15-70-34-001 MNWNC-115HP Inc.Computer Equipment (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Printers)03/31/2020
7-15-70-34-002 MNWNC-115HP EnterpriseComputer Equipment (Storage & Servers)03/31/2020

Link to Department of General Services User Instructions and Information: California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)


Contract #DescriptionGSA NumberExpirationLinks
CMAS 3-09-70-0612ABAPCGovConnection GS-35F-0750P11/30/2019
CMAS 3-12-70-0612AFCoNarrative, Cradlepoint, HP Inc., HP Enterprise, Microsoft, Ruckus Wireless, Samsung, Absolute, PrinterLogicSynnex GS-35F-0143R02/29/2020
CMAS 3-13-70-0612AIEMC, VMWare, F5 Networks, Safenet/GemaltoCarasoft GS-35F-0119Y03/31/2022
CMAS 3-12-70-0612AGCisco, McAfee, Citrix, EMC, Barracuda, NetAppEC America GS-35F-0511T06/26/2022
CMAS 3-13-70-0612AJHP Inc.GS-35F-446AA10/31/2018
CMAS 3-16-70-0612ANMicrosoft, VeeamGS-35F-303DA08/31/2021
CMAS 3-16-70-3223AHP Enterprise GS-35F-025DA01/31/2021
CMAS 3-16-70-0612AMSilver PeakGS-35F-0265X06/30/2021
CMAS 3-16-00-0498AEMC CorporationPEPPM 201712/31/2018
CMAS 3-16-36-0108AHP Inc.GS-03F-060CA07/31/2020
CMAS 3-17-58-0254AAopen, GoogleGS-03F-061BA10/31/2019
CMAS 3-17-70-0612APNWN IT Consulting ServicesGS-35F-0138J03/31/2019
CMAS 3-16-70-3113CPure Storage (indirect)GS-35F-0251V05/31/2019


Link to Department of General Services User Instructions and Information: Software Licensing Program (SLP)


Contract #VendorsDescriptionExpirationLinks
SLP 15-70-0029BHP EnterpriseSoftware and licensing08/31/2018
SLP 17-70-0029GIntel Security (formerly McAfee)Software and licensing02/24/2019
SLP 17-70-0029H VMWareSoftware and licensing07/31/2020
SLP 15-70-0029AEMC SolutionsSoftware and licensing04/07/2018
SLP 16-70-0029DAdobeSoftware and licensing04/30/2018
SLP 17-70-0029LSplunkSoftware and licensing08/31/2019
SLP 16-70-0029COpenGovSoftware and licensing03/31/2018
SLP 16-70-0029FCiscoSoftware and licensing09/02/2018
SLP 17-70-0169SSoftwareOne, IncSoftware and licensing02/01/2020
SLP 17-70-0029MVaronisSoftware and licensing02/02/2019
SLP 17-70-0029OEntco/MicroFocusSoftware and licensing10/31/2019
SLP 17-70-0029NSymantecSoftware and licensing08/31/2018


Link to Department of General Services User Instructions and Information: IT Consulting Services MSA

Contract #VendorsDescriptionExpirationLinks
5167010-134IT Goods & Services04/20/2020