Open, Scalable, and Easy to Procure and Deploy

The State of California Department of Technology Services has awarded NWN Corporation a CALNET 3 contract for Subcategory 1.2 – MPLS VPN and Converged VoIP. The CALNET 3 Contract provides a Converged VoIP that delivers a broad range of Unified Communications solutions via a hosted and flexible pay-by-the-device service model to public entities throughout the State.

Converged VoIP delivers a broad range of communications solutions via a hosted and flexible pay-by-the-device service model. This offering gives your organization the same user experience, flexibility, and collaborative tools as an enterprise architecture without having to make a significant investment in your own data center or staff.


The NWNComm hosted delivery model creates an opportunity for public sector organizations to deploy unified communications and collaboration together across NWN’s environment. The benefits of deploying Converged VoIP include:

  • Pay as you use: Purchase collaboration services as needed and pay one predictable monthly payment
  • Increased service and support levels: NWN proactively manages and monitors the solution 24×7, allowing your organization’s IT staff to focus on projects that are core to its business
  • Scalable architecture: Add new users, features and locations quickly
  • Operational expense: Hosted collaboration converts capital expenses into a predictable operational expense
  • ERate P1 service: The NWNComm hosted service qualifies for P1 funded ERate funding.
  • Productivity advantage: Provide seamless collaboration tools for your employees to work as an efficient team

Questions? Contact your dedicated NWN CALNET 3 team: Toll Free 855-548-2200.