Lonely Candidate Seeking Feedback

Feeling lonely and forgotten thanks to your recruiting contact?  Wondering what you may / may not have done to be ignored?  Experiencing “radio silence” after what you felt was a great conversation? We promise that it’s not personal… we are, indeed, busy and at the mercy of Hiring Managers, changing job descriptions, organizational changes, changing priorities, even vacations.  Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to get to everyone that we wish [...]

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Don’t Fear the Resume

The Resume… that lone document that can make or break our chances at getting a job.  I have spoken with job seekers who absolutely agonize over writing a new resume or updating an existing one.  They dread it and put it off like a kid dreads and procrastinates when having to write thank-you notes to grandma for that Christmas gift.  Don’t fear the resume… tame it and make it your single best piece of marketing [...]

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9 Things I Learned About Analytics Building a House

“What does building a house have to do with analytics?” you say. The technology is certainly different, but that’s the point. Putting analytics to work for you has more to do with the team, the process, and your own leadership than it does the technical details. What follows are nine things I learned while building a house and how each lesson applies to building an analytics capability in your organization.   1. Start by envisioning [...]

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Jane Linder Interview About Power Woman Award

Dr. Jane Linder, Managing Director, has been named to The Channel Company’s prestigious 2015 CRN® Women of the Channel, and has been recognized as one of this year’s Power 50. The annual list honors outstanding female executives across solution provider organizations prominently involved in the IT channel ecosystem for their achievements and the far-reaching impact they are having on the technology industry going forward. We wanted to get a little more information about what the [...]

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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your PC & Mobile Devices

Spring is finally here, and you’ve probably already spent a fair amount of time cleaning your home, yard, garage, and even your car. But have you taken the time to clean your computers and mobile devices? Twenty years ago, personal computers were used for web browsing, creating and editing documents and spreadsheets, and playing video games. Today, we rely heavily on a wide array of computing devices to manage our daily routines, so much so [...]

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Getting Started with Business Intelligence

Make no mistake, getting started with business intelligence means breaking some eggs.  Executives will see things they never saw before, and they may not like what they see. Some powerful stakeholders may have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table because they are threatened. The entire organization will have to come up the learning curve on analytics. What’s an IT executive to do? We call the path forward the three W’s and it [...]

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Five Analytics Methods That Pay Off

No matter how much big talk we hear about big data, it’s still challenging to get started. How do we target the kinds of insights that are going to make an impact, create momentum, and make our stakeholders happy they spent their time and money on the effort? We have some suggestions to offer based on our many years of working with clients on business intelligence initiatives. Below are five types of analyses that helped [...]

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What Public Sector Leaders Should Know About Fact Based Management

Who doesn’t want fact-based management in the public sector? Wouldn’t it be great to have ready, reliable answers to those legislative questions that seem to arrive just when things are busiest? Wouldn’t it be much more efficient to settle stakeholder disagreements with evidence rather than opinion? Yes! There’s no question that fact-based management has the power to give organizations an order of magnitude improvement in effectiveness. Service will improve, organizational relationships will strengthen, and well-placed [...]

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Oregon Ducks: Changing the Game

I’m not much of a football fan, but I was completely captivated by the Oregon-Florida State game on New Year’s Day. If nothing else, the score had to get your attention. It was a semi-final for the national college championship, so you’d think the game would be close.  But Oregon beat Florida State by a more than convincing 59 to 20. What was most interesting was how Oregon pulled off the win. It seems as [...]

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When Did Personal Computers Get So Personal?

I am sick. I understand the major laptop manufacturers have decided that no one wants the button mouse in the middle of the keyboard any longer. Well they are wrong; I want it. That touch pad thing drives me crazy because my fly-away thumb is always tapping me into la-la-land when I touch-type. Using a mouse means carrying an extra gizmo that runs out of batteries at the worst possible times. The button mouse works [...]

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