The Next Generation Data Center – Moving to Hybrid with Cloud (AWS) Video

Business needs are becoming more demanding than ever. With customers wanting: agility, scalability, security and manageability, it’s too much for most IT Departments to deliver.  Moving your company’s data center to a hybrid or cloud model can unlock hidden potential and drive efficiency.  NWN's Director of Solution Architects – Tom Pedder and National Practice lead – Pat Heinrich discuss different aspects of the data center and the benefits of moving to a hybrid or [...]

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Collaboration: The Cornerstone of an Agile Business

To stay competitive, you need to create new opportunities for your organization.  Many companies have found that they can achieve better performance and results through increased teamwork. Enabling an open flow of information encourages innovation and experimentation. Collaboration can yield tangible business results, including increased productivity, cost savings, and higher employee satisfaction. People can work together more effectively by sharing information, solving problems, and reaching consensus faster. The challenge for IT in enabling greater collaboration [...]

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NWN is Thankful During the Holiday Season

After joining the NWN family only 3 short months ago as a Project Coordinator I am constantly reminded of the full circle of appreciation with this group that I have joined.  We are each challenged everyday with making the complete customer experience from the moment a new proposal is sent, to the initial project kickoff, the engineers working with our customers on site, to the NCare team that is there to assist after the [...]

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Unified Communications and Collaboration for 2017: The Race to the Cloud

The cloud revolution race is on! With Unified Cloud Hosted Solutions growing at an alarming rate of 33% each year, it has become close to a $28 billion a year business and continues to grow. The marketplace for communications is shifting to multi-modal interactions; with voice, video, messaging and collaboration spearheading the future of this market. As the plethora of applications and devices grows, so does the demand for high-volume messaging, call sharing, video, [...]

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